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Electric style, soft backgrounds, and laid-back vocals would be a perfect description for R&B singer Reese. From an early age rather it was singing or songwriting, Reese has always had a passion for music. Growing up she showcased her talents in numerous talent shows. Throughout her musical journey she found comfort in r&b artists such as Anita Baker, Tank, Diana Ross and a host of others. Also 90s superstar American singer Kelis plays a huge role in Reese's sense of style and mysterious creative attitude. 

 Reese started off her professional career in 2014 when she released her first studio single titled, Nostalgic. She then went on to release her first EP in 2019 "Vintage Vagina." Her EP can be found on all music platforms. Reese displays the versatile style, sex appeal, and a familiar sound that will send any audience into an immediate nostalgia.  


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